Find Out About Puppies

Puppy Jigsaws

These puppy jigsaw puzzles can be downloaded and played over and over again. You can even copy the jigsaws onto a CD and share with friends. Find instructions below.

Labrador Retriever Puppy
Labrador Retriever Puppy (36 pieces)

Beagle Puppy
Beagle Puppy (30 pieces)

Chihuahua puppy
Chihuahua Puppy (35 pieces)

Spaniel Puppy
Spaniel Puppy (30 pieces)


Each jigsaw is a small downloadable file, about 250kb, and is complete in itself - you don't have to download any additional software.

Right click on the link, choose "Save Target As", and specify a place to save the jigsaw on your computer - perhaps a folder named "jigsaws", or your desktop. Or just play straight away by choosing "Run".

To play, find the saved file and double click on it. The jigsaw will open up in its own window. When you have finished, leave the file on your computer to play again another time, or drag it into the recycle bin.

(As each jigsaw is self-contained, you can easily copy the file onto a CD to play on a different computer if you wish or to share with friends).