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Choosing a Puppy

Choosing a puppy

If you love dogs, all puppies are gorgeous ... and it can be incredibly hard to see through their cuteness and choose a puppy which will be suitable for you and your situation. Think carefully about the following:


Initial cost will be a factor. A friend or family member may give you a new puppy free, but you might just as well spend thousands on a pedigree.

Lifetime cost must also be considered. Remember that the average life expectancy of a dog these days is 12 years, and that you will not only be feeding your dog but paying for medical care (which can become very expensive) and perhaps kennels if you go on holiday. Generally, the bigger the dog, the heavier the costs.


Buying a puppy is a huge commitment, and one which should not be undertaken without considering all the factors.

  • Are you prepared to spend the necessary time, money and effort on your new puppy? Will you be able to walk it, groom it, feed it and look after its health?
  • Will you have time to socialise with it, play with it, and love it?
  • Are you prepared to get up in the night to take it outside, and rise early in the morning to feed and walk it?
  • Have you considered all your family commitments, and likely changes to your family in the future?
  • Can you afford to feed it, pay for its supplies, take out pet insurance, and pay extra for health care when your pet insurance will not cover everything?

If you still want to go ahead, you have some difficult decisions to make!

Choosing The Right Dog For You
Getting a new dog is one of the greatest joys in the world.  Make this great time even better by knowing exactly what kind of dog will complement your family‚Äôs lifestyle.

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