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Bringing Your Puppy Home

bringing yoru puppy home

Before you bring your puppy home you will need to get ready! The more prepared you are, the easier you will find it to adjust to the new member of your family.

Here is our checklist of things to do before bringing your puppy home:

1. Find a vet and make your puppy's first appointment for within 48 hours of bringing him home (see Choosing A Vet )

2. Buy a food dish and a water dish (preferably untippable!) You might want to start with puppy-sized dishes and replace them as your puppy grows. A plastic placemat to stand the bowls on is a good idea. You can get textured placemats which keep the dishes in place.

3. Buy a collar and leash (lead). The collar should be the correct size for the puppy the day you bring him home. Size the collar by making sure that two fingers can slip underneath it easily. Be prepared to buy a new collar every 2 months or so until your dog is full-grown, and a new leash if your puppy chews through it!

4. Order an ID Tag to attach to the collar. If you need one quickly and can't wait for engraving, you can buy a small container with a screw top into which you can roll a small piece of paper with your puppy's details and your contact phone numbers. When your puppy is older it is a good idea to have him microchipped.

5. Purchase a crate. Find details of the size of crate and how to set it up for your new puppy here: Crate Training Your Dog

6. While you are at the pet store you will also want to look at:

Dog beds or bean bags, to put inside the crate
Dog blanket, to put on top of the bed or bean bag
Toys- perhaps a safe squeaky toy, a Nylafloss rope (to help keep teeth clean), a Nylabone chew, and a ball). Remember that puppies will chew anything and everything, and that some things are potentially dangerous. Check each toy carefully.

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